Pumpkins galore!

Lovely Fall display from Pitkin Winterrowd Farms.

Lovely Fall display from Pitkin Winterrowd Farms.

Second to last “summer ” market this Saturday….just one more after this on Oct. 25th, before we open the delightful WINTER Market! Find us this Saturday on the parking lot at 2051, Kaen Rd, off Beavercreek Rd, 9am-2pm.

Starting November 8th the Winter Farmers Market is in downtown Oregon City on 8th St at Main, Saturdays twice a month, 10am-2pm. Parking is FREE and EASY on weekends in the downtown area….and there are many new cute stores to visit too! The Winter Market is NOT the same as little Wednesday event. We’ll have 25-30 vendors, selling tons of local fresh produce (yes really!), pastured meats, seafood, eggs, wild mushrooms, baked goods (gluten-free too), wines..and a good selection of artisan foods..as well trees, wreaths and gifts for the Holidays, plus hot food and live music.

Gorgeous Pumpkins and gourds at Leone's Farms!

Gorgeous Pumpkins and gourds at Leone’s Farms!

But back to this week’s market: Leones Farm will have many different pumpkins, gourds  and squash to decorate with..and eat! Some with wonderful names such as Knucklehead, Peanut, Sugar Pie, Galeaux d’eysine, Snake Swan and Daisy..want something different this Fall, we’ll have ‘em.  RJ Farms will have a good selection of big pumpkins too…you can use the market’s wagon to haul to your car.

Thinking of making healthy sauerkraut?…it’s so easy! Leone’s farms are bringing BIG heads of cabbage…and the temperature is perfect to make it: http://www.freshpreserving.com/recipes/homemade-sauerkraut

Broccoli in Caldwell Family Farm's field.

Broccoli in Caldwell Family Farm’s field.

Another healthy vegetable is in abundance this week is Caldwell Family Farm’s broccoli. Picked fresh from their Certified Naturally Grown farm in Oregon City.  This versatile vegetables can be a side dish or a main dish for a big shot of nutrition. Simply steam or saute and sprinkle with lemon juice and sea salt. Plenty of  recipes here for inspiration:             http://www.food.com/recipes/broccoli?pn=2

Sweet, juicy apples (and pears) from Kiyokawa Orchards

Sweet, juicy apples (and pears) from Kiyokawa Orchards

Kiyokawa Orchards will have approx. 8-10  pear varieties and 20 different apple varieties, including the extraordinary Mountain Rose pink-fleshed apple. Makes great sauce and a surprising apple pie!

May be time to dust off the slow cooker for a hearty beef or lamb stew. Sweet Home Farms pastured meats are all raised and finished on grass, which has been proven to be the healthiest meat to eat. Find either farmer Daniel or his mother in the booth this weekend. Stock up for the coming months. Daniel raises beef, lamb, pork, goat and chicken…  chicken pieces too.                                                                                                 http://www.swmeats.com/

3 flower farms this Saturday.

3 flower farms this Saturday.

Back this week is Diana’s Delights with Lemon Curd, Relishes, Jams and Chutneys, La Fountain soaps, lotions and candles, Daisy Fed goat soaps and body butters, Jose Luz with his metal art, and Natures Sweetie Bites with ferments. Back next week (our last for the season before the winter market) is Vul Coffee Roasters.



IMG_0749Pick up a recycled plastic “alien” for Halloween decorating at the Info Booth…and even deer-proofing! Proceeds benefit the kids POP Club.

Hot food, live music…and Debit and SNAP cards accepted, with the $5 SNAP Match. Kids POP Club gives all kids (5-12yrs) $2 to shop for fresh fruits and veggies…and this week’s activity is the Lions Strides! Bring your shopping bags and pick up healthy foods for your family!


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