Eat your Greens..fight the winter Blues!

Winter Market open this Saturday January 24th, 10am-2pm, on 8th St at Main. Next Market in two weeks, February 7th. Debit and SNAP accepted for Market tokens and we STILL have the $5 SNAP Match thanks to the Rotary Club Foundation of Oregon City!!

2014-12-20 10.26.11Well ’tis the season of colds and flu….shopping locally and seasonally arms you with natural medicine and boosts that immune system! Greens and crucifer vegetables offer more health benefits and antioxidents than all but a few fruits and veggies and they are in abundance at the Market right NOW. By the time veggies are picked, bundled, shipped, warehoused, displayed in the supermarket , bought and stored in your fridge they have lost a lot of that good stuff in them. The benefits of shopping Saturday at the Market is that the greens were in the field on Thursday and Friday!

2013-04-06 10.19.36RJ Farms (Molalla) will have Miners Lettuce, Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach and Chard ..and Radishes (did you know radishes are crucifers too..who knew?) In addition Art and Stacey will have Potatoes, Onions, Beets , Winter Squash and Hens Eggs (pastured and also fed with their OWN grains).  They planted the first PEAS this week in one of the hoophouses…spring is on it’s way…!


Several different wild mushrooms this week....fried up in butter with garlic, white wine and cream..ummm....

Several different wild mushrooms this week….fried up in butter with garlic, white wine and cream..ummm….

Caldwell Family Farm are bringing Mustard, Collards, Arugula, Winter Salad Mix, Pac Choi..and Turnips (yup, turnips are crucifers too!)…they will have their Hens and Ducks Eggs…and while you are in their booth look for Flying Cow Dairy’s whole Milk (pasturized but not homogenized), Chocolate Milk, and the heavenly Yoghurts…plain, honey, maple, glass bottles no less. Their cows are on pasture, in Oregon City…doesn’t get more local than that.

Pitkin-Winterrowd Farms Garlic...

Pitkin-Winterrowd Farms Garlic…

Not sure how to cook greens..or tired of just steaming them? Try using  GARLIC: Allium Sativum…..that item which makes cooking come alive. At Pitkin Winterrowd Farms Tom has been growing garlic for over 15 years. Great too in mashed potatoes, pasta, pot roast, garlic bread etc. Store in the kitchen in a low humidity space(away from dishwasher and sink). His garlic is grown without  fungicides just south of Canby and he will have  hardneck (less pungent) and softneck (more pungent) garlic for sale. SPECIAL on med. size garlic 10 for $10.00. Pan-frying kale/greens with garlic is easy!

Sweet Home Meats will have lots of winter items from their pastured animals…now is the season of stews and roasts…Beef, Goat, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, or just buy the bones and make nourishing broths. Freeze to pull out for soups all winter-long. If the flu does strike broths are perfect with their healing qualities. Wild Oregon will have fresh from the ocean this week….Razor Clams, Crab (lovely with winter salad mix), Petrole Sole , Rock Fish and more!

Spring is coming with S&K Nursery..this Saturday:)

Spring is coming with S&K Nursery..this Saturday:)

Valentines Day is fast get you in the mood La Provence will have Valentine Scones filled with strawberry jam and choc cream cheese, Valentine broche with maple cream cheese filling and Valentine croissants with raspberry jam….too much! Looking for a gift for Valenties Day?

S & K Nursery will be back in the Market this week with lovely spring planters, and if you are tidying up the garden this Winter, get a jump on fixing those paths and beds with Hazelnut Shells…He Sells These Sells is back!



Seahawks-7-Layer-DipWell football fans, it’s that crazy time of year again! So as you are breaking into the Halloween box for blue face paint, dusting off that green wig from last summer’s Timbers game, practicing Wilson chants with your kids, and Scotch Guarding your carpets and sofa for the party… don’t forget to swing by Green Card Salsa to pick up the perfect munchies for the Ultimate 12th Man Party! IT’S YOUR LAST CHANCE TO PICK UP PARTY SUPLIES AT THE MARKET & BEFORE THE BIG GAME, so Oregon… Are YOU MAD BRO?

2015-01-22 17.38.53Want to spice up the cheese plate for the BIG Game? Diana’s Delights “Quince Charming” jam is delicious on a sharp cheddar or a nice creamy brie. Try her other creations too, the chutneys can be used as glazes over meats or fish…ask Diana for some ideas. And don’t forget to stop at the Hummus Stop..and stock up!


After this Saturday find us again on February 7th..and as you are taking inventory of your seeds and cleaning up the garden this winter remember our 3rd annual Seedy Saturday Seed and Plant Swap is March 21st…mark your calenders or pick up a reminder bookmark from the Info Booth. Cheers to good food!
























































































































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