Ist Market of the New Year….we hope!


Winter weather forecasts can be so tricky, as we are all finding out this season! At this time (7pm Thursday) we ARE holding the Market on Saturday January 7th, unless the forecast changes. We’ll be open 10am-2pm, at 2051, Kaen Rd, off Beavercreek Rd.  Please be aware there is the potential for us to close early so everyone’s home safe before the precipitation starts, all depends on the time it is forecast to arrive, we will know more once we get closer to opening time.

We will update you again later tomorrow with a list of products and vendors coming…. to confirm. Call 503 734-0192 if you have questions, or email  You can stock up with good eats, get cooking quick and hunker down for what sounds like a gnarly Saturday evening and Sunday.  Find those matches and candles! More later…….

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  • Please Note

    Debit Cards and Oregon Trail (SNAP) cards and all WIC coupons are accepted at the Market.
    We ask that you would please leave dogs at home and not smoke in the market or in the immediate parking lot surrounding. We thank you for your cooperation.