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Smiling under our Masks!

By 22 April 2020

In your hearts!

The hardest thing right now is conveying how grateful we are for your incredible support! We are all smiling behind our masks…really! Farmers, vendors, market staff and volunteers alike, we are all so grateful for your orders, your purchases, for showing up and having patience as you wait in line, for your waves and smiles and words of encouragement, it all means a lot right now. May be we’ll have to draw smiles on our masks! One benefit of arriving with your name clearly written on a piece of paper in the car window is that we are finally are getting to know everyone’s name:)

Our pre-order Drive Thru Market continues, but you can still purchase products at the Drive Thru, even if you have not pre-ordered. The orders speed up the line of vehicles and last week it really helped when some of you came later (after 11.30am) so keep it up! The line moved fairly easily all morning. Customers can pre-order by downloading our mobile app (cut-off is Thursday at 11pm) or contact the vendors directly:

$20 DUFB SNAP Match this week!

SNAP customers receive $20 in Double Up Food Bucks with our SNAP Match this Saturday! Right now SNAP pre-orders have to be directly sent to vendors, the mobile app was not functioning correctly last week for SNAP orders. We hope to get this functionality back asap. To purchase SNAP tokens and receive your $20 Match please drive to the SNAP booth in the middle of the market.

Not finding your vendor? Drive to the last booth with the flags, we have your order.

Landia Skin Care, for women and men. Good for your skin and clean for the environment!

This week we welcome several vendors back into the market. Landia Skin Care is setting up, so come and meet Kathy who makes all her plant-based, non-toxic products here in Oregon City. While you cannot sample their wonderful creams, lotions and serums you can read about them here and get 20% off your order on their web site:

Have you tried their award-winning Gin?

Trail Distilling is setting up too for purchases. This Oregon City award-winning distillery has a great selection of beautifully-crafted spirits, for your cocktails and for gifts. You can pre-order from their web site:

Small Baking Company is back! Joanna is an Oregon City gal who set up last May for a few weeks to help us out. Many of you may remember her lovely treats. Well she is back and taking pre-orders for her delicious whole grain sweet breads, scones and cookies. You can pre-order from our mobile app or straight from her web site:

Right now I expected to be writing about the asparagus arriving from RJ Farms, or about the spring greens to be found at Brown Bottle Farm or about the tiny carrots coming from Farm D’Ici or about the CSA Sun Love Farm is offering this year that SNAP customers can sign up for. Instead it’s been about distancing, hand-washing, pre-orders, and a drive thru market…. which isn’t anything we ever dreamed our market would become. But that’s where we are, in this strange reality. Market’s are essential, not just because the State told us so, we have known that for years. To build a resilient local food network has always been our mission and no virus is taking us down!

Hats are off to our young women farmers!

We open this week, the last market of our ‘Winter’ season at 10am, next week May 2nd , we open at 9am for the ‘summer’ season. And…next week Jess Land will be at the helm. It’s with great confidence that I hand the 6ft stick over to her! It’s bittersweet to leave the position I have had the honor to assume these past 12 years, but family and the garden beckon. I’d like to publicly thank Barbara our Assistant Site Manager, whom many of you know. She has been by my side through thick and thin and on many busy, crazy market days I would have been lost without her! Thankfully you will continue to still see her every Saturday:)

After 12 years of markets, 442 blog posts (and a lot of spelling mistakes)… Over and out!

The farmers will always be my rock stars. All the vendors work harder than you can ever imagine. Economic development is spawned from farmers markets and after this devastating pandemic, our market will be positioned to lift the local economy… with your help! This has been the best job I’ve ever had and with immense gratitude to the dedicated Board of OCFM , to the volunteers, Lynda, Amanda, Janine, Bill, Adam (and many more) to our wonderful customers and especially to our amazing farmers and vendors, I’m signing off for the last time.


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