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An Apple a Day

By 20 October 2022

We have two markets left before we launch into winter season on November 5th at 10am.

As we move into a new season some of our vendors will be finishing up their summer dates with us. Make sure to visit the following before they’re gone!

Sao Noi Chili Oil
Hill Tree Garden Bouquets
Mad Mama’s Salsa
As Iron Sharpens Iron
South Barlow Berries
Pheasant’s Eye Farm

This week you can expect to find the last of summer tomatoes, berries and corn before the rain sets in. As we make our way towards colder, shorter days, remember we’re a market that is open year- round with plenty of locally grown food to brighten your winter menu options.

You may have noticed changes in the supply and amounts of produce at the market this year. Due to the late, wet spring many crops failed or were damaged by our adverse weather patterns. Farmers either had to replant or wait until next year to start over. Late frosts damaged apples and other orchard fruit. Intense heat took its toll on crops such as berries and greens. Farmer’s resolve has been tested once again yet their love of growing food for local communities remains at the heart of their endeavors.

More than ever our vendors need our support, especially during winter. As we’ve been sharing, winter markets are a great time to get to know the folks who grow your food, try some new varieties and engage your community. Plus, all the food you purchase comes directly from small farms and has been grown and raised within a small radius of Oregon. You can be assured your food was grown with purpose, intention and regenerative practices.

And stay tuned because next week we will be sharing our winter vendor lineup. We have some new and returning faces you won’t want to miss. We’re also excited to welcome back a larger presence of hot food vendors as they finish their busy summer seasons.

This week our newsletter is sharing about one of nature’s natural toothbrushes, Apples! Plus, thanks to Brown Bottle Farm, we are highlighting their fresh ginger harvest and their favorites ways to prepare it. Anna and Ryan’s recommendations will have you salivating.
Find us from 9-2 this Saturday at 2051 Kaen Road (we’re at the corner of Kaen and Beavercreek Roads) right here in Oregon City.

See you at the market!

The old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, has some truth to it. Considered a nutrient dense food, apples are full of Vitamin C, Potassium and fiber. They also contain healthy antioxidants. Not only that but eating apples have been attributed to lowering risks of heart disease and diabetes, in addition to cancer and even asthma. Remember to eat them whole, unpeeled and unprocessed for the highest amount of nutrients!

Kiyokawa Family Orchards is a family-run orchard growing fruit in Parkdale since 1911. They grow stone fruit, pears, and of course, apples – over 100 varieties! While you may not see all the varieties in their booth, they have a healthy amount to choose from. Depending on the growing season, we’ve rounded up our favorite apples in their booth.

Akane (Tokyo Rose) – Juicy, crisp, tart-sweet, with bright red skin. Fresh eating, drying, cooking. (Makes delicate pink sauce if the peel is left on).

Crimson Crisp – Small to medium. Very bright mid-range red over yellow. Delicious, rich flavor. Moderately acid, spicy. Explosively crisp and tangy. Fresh eating, cider, drying, and cooking.
Randy Kiyokawa told us that if he were only to grow one apple, he would choose Crimson Crisp.

Empire – Crisp, tender, dessert-quality flesh, juicy, sweet-tart. Blessed with both qualities of both parents. Good all-purpose apple: Fresh eating, dessert, cider.

Golden Delicious – Crisp, juicy, mellow flavor, thin skin. Fresh eating, dessert, baking, drying, cider (distinctive aroma carries over in cider).

Hokotui – Very sweet, crisp, and juicy, with excellent flavor. The Japanese say this apple is ‘better than Fuji’ with its high sugar content and excellent taste. Early harvest season: fresh eating, baking, dessert, cider.

Honeycrisp – Described as “explosively crisp,” making an excellent fresh-eating apple. The flesh is crisp, dense, and juicy with a good balance of sweet and tart and possesses a delicate aroma. A perfect all-purpose apple that stores remarkably well. Fresh eating, pies, cider, sauce, drying.

Pink Pearl (Red Flesh) – Unassuming greenish-yellow exterior. Crisp, very tart, aromatic pink flesh, with a hint of grapefruit. Fresh eating, desserts, pies, sauces. (Makes beautiful pink sauce).

Sansa – Firm, crisp, juicy, exceptionally sweet! Fresh eating, desserts, cooking, cider.

Tsugaru – Yellow with red blush, the Tsugaru (“SUE-GA-ROO”) resembles Golden Delicious but is firmer fleshed. Intensely sweet apple. Crisp apple. Fresh eating, desserts, sauce, cider.

Winesap – Described as a perfect distillation of a crisp Fall day, the Winesap’s flesh is very juicy and aromatic, with a rich, wine-like, tart-sweet flavor. Exceptional in the kitchen, its distinctive aroma and flavor remain after cooking and enhance any recipe. Wonderful for hard cider.

Zestar – Bright red with greenish-gold. Crisp, firm, juicy, sweet with a hint of tartness. Very similar to the Honeycrisp texture. Fresh eating, dessert, sauce, cider.

(Varieties shared from Beaverton Farmers Market)

Calling all ginger lovers! It’s a favorite time of year when Brown Bottle Farm shares their harvest. Not only is their ginger beautiful to look at, but it’s also delicious to eat! Anna and Ryan shared some mouthwatering ways to enjoy this flavorful root!

  • Enjoy fresh ginger zested on top of salads, especially if those salads include fruit.
  • Use as part of a dipping sauce. Combine soy sauce, rice vinegar, a pinch of sweetener, grated daikon radish and fresh ginger. Drizzle it on any protein or dip a spring roll into it.
  • Use fresh in your favorite gingersnap cookie dough

If you by chance have more than you can eat, slice it up and save in a canning jar with rice vinegar and honey. Keep refrigerated and simply use as needed.

Make sure to pick some up on Saturday as the season is short and it sells quickly!

October 22nd Vendor List

Live Music
Two Bit Brothers

Hot Food:
Divine Mini Donuts
Sara’s Tamales

Squirrelly Jane Hazelnuts
Golden Age Kombucha

Albeke Farms
Dank Fish

Pheasant’s Eye Farm (LAST WEEK)
Canby Farm and Kitchen
Brown Bottle Farm
South Barlow Berries (LAST WEEK)
RJ Farms
Sun Love Farm
Farm D’ICI
Mindful Mushrooms
Mulino Microgreens
Kiyokawa Orchards

Pasture Raised Meat:
Campfire Farms (chicken, pork)
Lady Lane Farms (beef)
Martson Farm (scottish highland beef)
Rock Creek Romney’s

Dairy and Eggs
RJ Farms
Lady Lane Farm (including ice cream)
Campfire Farms (eggs)
Sun Love Farm (eggs)

Pantry and Dry Goods:
Double Jump Coffee – Locally roasted, ethically sourced, bagged whole bean/freshly ground coffee
T Bee S Honey
Diana’s Delights
Sao Noi (beef jerky)

Prepared Foods:
Sao Noi (v)
Mad Mama’s Salsa (v)
Bean Bar Tofu (v)
The Hummus Stop (v)
Fink’s Fermented Foods (v)
Goddess Mousse (v)

Baked Goods:
Small Baking Company
Mr. Baklava
La Petite Provence
Sinful Confections (vegan, allergy free, gluten free)
South Barlow Pretzels (vegan)

Coffee/ Tea/ Kombucha
Double Jump – Pour overs, cold brew, iced teas and more

Lee Gardens
Holley’s Produce and Flowers
Hill Tree Garden (2 more weeks)Wine, Ciders, and Spirits
Forest Edge Vineyard
Dregs Vodka
Westward Whiskey
Wild Roots Spirits

CH Woodcraft
ZR Jewelry
The Grate Plate
Rip City Wood Works

Wellness and Skincare Products:
Rowen Forest
Goat Goddess Soap
Landia Organic Skincare
Healthy Roots CBD Products

As Iron Sharpens Iron

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