BEE Aware Pollinator Fair!

Bee-AwareHeard the news about how the Honey Bees are struggling? Mites, viruses, climate change..and now pesticides (Neonicotinoids) are proven to be toxic to them. You know that our food depends on pollinators (and you like to eat right?!) so come and find out this Saturday how you can help them in your own garden. There will be lots of information on Honey Bees, but also on the native Mason Bees and let’s not forget thebeautiful Monarch Butterflies which migrate up from Mexico and California in the summer and who are declining rapidly. (Also called the milkweed butterfly after their food source, you will be able to pick up seeds of the native milkweed to plant in your garden!).

Penstemon from Petal Heads...lots of pollinator plants this week!

Penstemon from Petal Heads…lots of pollinator plants this week!

The Master Gardeners will have a workshop at 10am-10.30am on ‘Pollinator Plants’  and there will ‘bee’ a observation hive (watch the bees at work), mason bee houses, nurseries selling pollinator plants, native plant trailer exhibit…all kinds of buggy fun , the market will be busy and buzzin’ !

We'll have berries...but get there early to get some! More farms next week.

We’ll have berries…but get there early to get some! More farms next week.

It will look like spring this week with more strawberries, snap peas and shelling peas, all kinds of greens and salad mix..and tons of asparagus. We still have 4 farms yet to come in with strawberries this season…next week we will have more berries. Wild Oregon will have fresh seafood, Sweet Home Meats is back with pastured beef, pork, chicken and lamb. Shy Ann Meats has cured pork products. Also baked goods, eggs, preserves, wild mushrooms, wines, hummus, granola, nut butters (Bliss Butters are back!), honey, fresh flowers, plants, soaps, lotions and balms, ice-cream, hot food, smoothies, even beer by the glass……. Breakside Brewery this week (Luekemia Foundation fundraiser). Next week it’s Oregon City Brewing Company! We have two opportunities to buy coffee at the Market. The Fresh Start Cart serves Espresso drinks and smoothies and Double Jump Coffee, sells beans. Josh is a local small roaster who builds his own roasting machines and visits and buys direct from small farms, stop by for a taste. Great BBQ, Crepes, ice-cream…and lovely Andean folk music by Chayag (10am-1.30pm)…come for lunch.

Simmington Gardens Certified Organic produce.

Simmington Gardens Certified Organic produce.

If you need inspiration to prepare and cook the foods in season, Chef Deborah will be in the Market Kitchen this week. She will walk the market with you at 10.30am and demo a recipe at 11am. Make sure you get a seat and a taste and a recipe sheet. We have had great feedback so far about this weekly program, customers are loving the ideas they get each Saturday!


Didn't get a hanging basket last week?...more this Saturday!

Didn’t get a hanging basket last week?…more this Saturday!

Still lots of summer veggies plants available (squash, cukes, tomatoes, lettuce), fruit plants (blueberries, strawberries, grapes) and plenty of herb starts around. Pitkin Winterowwd Farms invites you to stop by the booth and add complexity to your cooking by growing and harvesting herbs. Farmer Tom will have a good selection and has plenty of ideas on how to grow and use them. Ready to plant tomatoes? Now is the time and we’ll have a good variety to choose from. Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown…red, orange, pink, yellow, black, salad, paste, cherry, pear…you name it!  NEXT Saturday is the Master Gardener workshop on ‘All about Tomatoes’ (10am-10.30am) Remember to bring your knives, clippers, and tools to be sharpened , grab a bag or three of hazelnut shells for natural slug control and check out Sunshine Fertilizer’s all-natural meal-worm castings.

2015-05-09 09.06.11Bring the kids for the POP Club…they’ll get $2 every time they come to market and we accept Debit and SNAP with a $5 SNAP Match! Another full and fun day at the Farmers Market this weekend…and did you know we are staying put at the summer site for the winter market too? Come and say Hi to us at the Info Booth , pick up your own ‘Give Bees A Chance” pin and enjoy the BEE Aware Pollinator Fair!

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