Still In Winter’s Grip!


Much as we’d like it to be more spring-like, we are still in winter’s grip! Hunkering down once more with hearty local foods is a good idea this weekend. We’ll be open, even in the rain…but whether we’ll have the canopies up, depends on the wind! Pitkin-Winterrowd Farms is coming with plenty of winter squash (as is RJ Farms). Squash with roasted chicken (or any grass fed meat) is a great warming meal. It’s easily cooked by washing, taking the stem off (hit on wood cutting board) and placing in oven at 400 degrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes.  With mitts take squash out of oven- cut in half and remove seeds-place back in oven and cook another 15 to 20 minutes until fork tender.

Zestar Apples coming from Kiyokawa Orchards.

Crisp juicy apples from Kiyokawa Orchards.

RJ Farms will have spinach too, as well as miners lettuce (full of minerals) Mizuna, Onions, Shallots, Potatoes and bagged shelled walnuts and hazelnuts, their two young boys special project! Caldwell Farm (who have just moved to new farm land yesterday) are bringing their pickles and preserves as well as Kiyokawa Orchards apples and pears. Coming this week from the orchards in  Parkdale are Braeburn, Crimson Crisp, Cameo, Fuji, Gala, Honey Crisp, Granny Smith, Hanner’s Jumbo, Mountain Rose, Northern Spry, Newtown Pippin, Valstar and Winesap. For pears: Anjou, Red Anjou, Abate Fetel, Comice, Forelle, Taylor’s Gold…..all at great prices!

Fresh Crab, Salmon and more from Wild Oregon this Saturday.

Fresh Crab, Salmon and more from Wild Oregon this Saturday.

Farm eggs will be available and Fisher Ridge will have beef, lamb,pork and chicken. Wild Oregon’s bringing  fresh Petrale Sole, Rock fish, Steelhead and Crab. Robin will also have smoked Chinook and Steelhead, and crab cakes (gluten free or regular).

Run out of cash? Buy market tokens at the Info Booth!

Run out of cash? Buy market tokens at the Info Booth!

It might still feel like winter outside, but we’re deep in planning mode for the summer market season! The Market Kitchen will be back, serving up demo with samples and handing out recipe sheets. Chefs Amy and Debra are coming back to show you how to use the market products in everyday meals. The Power Of Produce (POP) Club for the kids will continue through the summer and our $10 SNAP Match program will help those on food stamps to eat more fresh produce this year too. Events are being planned and musicians hired…to it may only be February but we are going full strength behind the scenes!

Talk to the farms this week about their CSA programs.

Talk to the farms this week about their CSA programs.

And so are the farms. They’re readying the hoophouses, cleaning up the ground after the storms, planning the crop rotations and ordering seeds. A couple of our farms have already launched their CSA programs for the spring and summer.  Brown Bottle Farm ( previously called Pholx and Figwort) have a new web site with all the info. Sign up for one of their CSA boxes and get a tour of the farm as well! For more information see them at the Market this Saturday or visit their new web site :   Sun Love Farm is taking a break until May but Melissa will be back in full force taking a bigger space and packing it with great produce. Buy from her each week or sign up for a ‘Market Share’. A Market Share is a take on CSA (community supported agriculture) programs. Members make a financial commitment to Sun Love Farm, but instead of getting boxes each week with the farmer’s pick of produce, members come to the Oregon City Farmer’s market to pick out their own produce. Perks include a discount on the produce, a chance to pre-order ahead of the market, and first dibs on specialty items like duck eggs. Check out the website to learn more and to sign up!

Buy local...and in season!

Buy local…and support the farms!!

It’s been a tough winter for farmers, they need our support (as well as all local small businesses).We’ll be open rain or shine, bring your bags and help ’em out!



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