From the field to your plate!

IMG_3147Shop at the this Saturdays Market and get food straight from the field to your plate!…….in 2013 “eat real and dunk the junk”! You are probably doing that already, but this year try and fix even more good food, turn others on to the fresh taste of  “local”…and pick up a market schedule to give to family, friends and neighbors . Let’s introduce more folks to the delights of market shopping…even when it’s freezing (Hey it’s going to be dry at least!)…fresh air keeps the bugs away!

Fresh, crisp and juicy apples and pears from Kiyokawa Orchards this Saturday.

Fresh, crisp and juicy apples and pears from Kiyokawa Orchards this Saturday.

Rick Steffens was out today picking beautiful carrots and kale , and between him , RJ Farms and Family Table Farm you will find cauliflower, potatoes, onions, kholrabbi, chard, spinach, beets, parsnips and more. Kiyokawa Orchards will have a good selection of crisp apples and juicy ! Lots of eggs this week. The days are growing longer and the egg production is increasing. RJ Farms will have plenty of eggs….they grow wheat and oats too , grinding their own feed  for their birds!

IMG_3154Sweet Home Farms will have their pastured meats, eggs as well. This week they are featuring Lamb Sirloin Roasts for $13.99/lb (under 2 lbs, closer to 1 lb) as well as Lamb Shoulder Steaks for $11.99/lb. These are specialty products not found on their retail price list and are normally reserved for CSA members only. They’ll have Boneless Pork Chops on sale again for $10.39/lb . Pork Bones (4-6lbs bags, make good stock for soups) will also be on sale for 50% off @ $1.50/lb. They also have beef products (from their Belted Galloway herd) and lots of different types of sausage, jerky etc.

Boondockers Farms seeds...available this Saturday.

Boondockers Farms seeds…available this Saturday.

Visit Boondockers Farm’s (Beavercreek) booth and check out their  seeds … planting season IS approaching. Evan and Rachel have been saving seed for years in the Willamette Valley and specialize in short season complex flavored heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables that suit our climate. They carefully search for, grow, test and select many different heirloom, open-pollinated seeds for the home gardener and small to see their 2013 Heirloom Tomatoes here! They will also have plenty of DUCK eggs…FYI:)

Sole and steamer clams..always amazingly fresh fish from Wild Oregon...

Sole and steamer clams..always amazingly fresh fish from Wild Oregon…

Great line up of vendors this week includes fab. bread and pastries, goats cheese..the new Truffle Chevre from Portland Creamery is fabUlous! Locally made preserves, wines, salsas, hummus, roasted-on-site hazel nuts and gotta try ’em, delicious! Fresh fish this Saturday will include crab, crab meat, steamer clams, Dover sole , organically-raised Steelhead, and spot prawns.

Four-legged treats from Aunt Tammy.

Four-legged treats from Aunt Tammy.

Healthy dog treats (including pumpkin flavored)…and back in the Market this Saturday is Blossom Vinegars…local fruit vinegars and drinking vinegars….Connie will have some great recipe sheets to give you inspiration and add her drinking vinegars to sparkling water for a really healthy, refreshing drink! Back too is He Sells These Shells  with bags of landscaping shells and squirrel food.  New to the Market is Owl & Acorn Soaps & Goods selling artisan soaps, balms, handspun yarns, felted soaps and other felted goods. All Owl & Acorn wool products are made with wool from the family sheep farm in rural Oregon City.

The kids POP Club (ages 5-12) gives every kid $2 each Market day to shop for fresh produce...find the POP Club at the Info. booth

The kids POP Club (ages 5-12) gives every kid $2 each Market day to shop for fresh produce…find the POP Club at the Info. booth

Hot food will be cooked on site by Mitzil Mexican restaurant with empanadas and pork and chicken Tamales, rice and beans. Great vendors…and a dry day…what more could we ask for! Savory et Sweet will have the following menu for their crepes: Chicken Cordon Bleu; Mushroom Potato;French Brie + Pear or the Figgy. Returning to the winter sweet menu: Huckleberry-Lemon Curd. These are wild foraged, mountain huckleberries from Oregon served with Diana’s Delight’s Lemon Curd! Chris saves them just for this time of year when we are “fruit challenged.” The hot soup this Saturday  is Italian Sausage with Kale & Bean It’s dairy & gluten free, served with La Provence sour dough bread.There is a good assortment of frozen soups, perfect to take home and re-heat on a cold day! Two are already on reserve ~ so get there early :)

All this AND live music by the HOW LONG JUG BAND (10.30-1.30)…plus a $5 match for the Oregon Trail Card and $2 to every kid signed up for our POP Club…wow!

The Market would like to thank the Oregon City Chamber who have nominated us for a Community Partner of the Year Award! Cheers to you OC Chamber…the friendliest Chamber around!…and remember folks…Buy Local!

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2 Responses to From the field to your plate!

  1. Alice Scherer says:

    Might want to make it a point to always have the hours prominently displayed in your bulletins. I looked for it and couldn’t find it. Luckily I have a card on my refrigerator for the market and I assume the hours posted on it are correct. But some might not have that card. Best to assume people don’t.

    We’ll be there Saturday!

    Alice Scherer

    • Thanks for your comments Alice…we do have the dates, times on the right hand side of the main page, but if you are using a smart phone you can’t see them! (Something I realized recently) so I try and remember to keep posting them in blogs too, thanks for the nudge! Sadly we are confined to the format of a WordPress Web Site, and they don’t show up real well…hope to see you this Sat! Stop by and say hi to us in the Info. Booth:)

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