Extra Market THIS Saturday!

Yes, couldn’t resist the opportunity slip an extra Market in March THIS weekend…especially when new veggies are arriving every week now! Rick Steffen’s Farm will have the first of the over-wintered Cauliflower…small and tight, just steam and add butter…delicious! Or prepare as they do in England (Cook the greens too!): make a white sauce, add lots of strong cheddar and bits of good crispy bacon, pour over the steamed cauliflower..yum. Rick is also sending the first few bunches of Asparagus…but get to the market early , they won’t last long:) In addition he’ll have spinach, kale, cabbage, onions, potatoes, shallots, miner’s lettuce and lovely colorful radishes, crisp and mild at this time of year.

Spring radishes...the best!

Family Table Farm will have turnips, parsnips,rutabagas and beets….all perfect for tossing in olive oil and garlic and roasting.
Having dug out of the surprise heavy snowfall last week, Sweet Home Farms will take time away from all the lambing, kidding and calving and be at the Market this Saturday with (amongst many other things) 3 BIG Hangar Steaks, 1.5lbs each…grab ’em while you can, as there is only one cut per animal! They will also have ox-tail again too, they make a good hearty stew, easy to prepare then walk away and wait for the kitchen to smell delicious!http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/calling-all-cooks/oxtail-stew-recipe/index.html
Gran Mary will have Starts of arugula, Bright Lights chard, Walla Walla onions, parsley, chives, purple globe artichoke, cardoon, cilantro, mints, cat grass and herb and veggie seeds. And please note…all you POP Club parents she’ll have seeds and veggie starts for POP club members for $1.00 (GREAT buy) which the kids can buy with their tokens!
Diana’s Delights is back this week with fab. preserves…jams, lemon curd, chutneys, reishes…and the best tasting pastries, ask for a sample! Back also is Daisy Fed Goat’s Milk Soap and they’ll have their Oatmeal Honey soap restocked….try their body butters too, while you there…amber/musk is a personal fave:)
Gram’s Caramels will have samples of original flavor caramels and Raspberry Liqueur caramels. Sauce and Jarbucks Caramels are also available this Saturday. Stop by to sign up for a FREE Easter Bag of caramels to be given away April 7th, and don’t forget to have your caramel card stamped! Have I mentioned that their Salted Caramels with a glass of red wine is taste of heaven..?!
Haven’t tried them already?…pick up a jar of Duker’s Dills – HOT Pickles and HOT Pickle Relish! If anyone needs pickles for Easter celebrations-they will need to buy this Saturday as Dukers will not be able to attend the 4/7 Market. So….what to do with the leftover hardboiled Easter Eggs?- make pickled eggs using Duker’s Dills – Hot Pickle brine! AND make deviled eggs using Duker’s Dills – Hot Pickle Relish!! No waste:)
Just in good time for the Easter Holidays coming up soon Spindles and Fiber have created THE cutest Easter Baskets….life-size bird-seed “Eggs” resting in a nest of their sheep’s wool and other fibers (to help the birds with the real nesting !)….different and useful:) Leave outside to not only feed the birds but help them with building their nests too…a good educational tool for the kids…..

Darris Dietz (Ceramics) and La Provence Bakery are both out this Saturday, but will be back for the 7th April Market. ALSO at the April 7th market, we will have tons of fab. veggie starts to give out, plus Three Brothers Nursery will be back, as will Sir Sharp-a-Lot (so bring your tools!) the Master Gardeners and the Underground Worm Connection…worms, castings and juice for your garden and plant starts! April 21st Market is our first SEEDY SATURDAY SEED SWAP…so look out your extra seeds (and plant divisions, pots, extra tools etc) and bring to the last Winter Market to share with others…pick up some interesting seeds for yourself.
Come to the Market this Saturday for breakfast or lunch, have a glass of wine, hot chocolate and listen to some live tunes!…..don’t forget that apart from their delicious soups and crepes Savory et Sweet regularly have vegan and gluten-free offerings….something for everyone, freshly made from seasonal produce and market products, hot chocolate too:)

So…Tips for Shopping at the Market for all you newbies:
-Do a lap around the market before you buy
-Compare prices and be strategic
-Get to know farmers, they appreciate long term relationships…and so will you!
-Learn what’s in season…books and seed catologs.. and buy seasonally
-Don’t be afraid to ask about prices if it doesn’t work for you, or if you want to buy in bulk, but please don’t haggle, farmers work hard long hours!
Parking tips…drive along Main St , if you don’t find a parking spot just turn left, and left again on Railroad Ave and park EASILY behind Busch’s furniture store, at the side of the Market site. They kindly allow our customers to use their parking lot…pop in while you’re downtown and see what they have to offer….good quality and local, friendly shopping!

See you Saturday…..bring the kids to experience the Power Of Produce with our POP Club! Ages 5-12 get $2 to shop for fresh produce or food plants!

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