Taste the Holidays at the Winter Market!

Homegrown Harvest's wreaths, made by Amy and her family who also grow the trees.

Almost my favorite Market time is right before the holidays, when the local seasonal fruits and veggies look so bright and appealing in the cold fresh air! We’ll have a real seasonal flavor this week with TONS of produce, freshly cut trees and wreaths, chestnuts, traditional English Christmas Puddings, wonderful local meats, goats cheese, baked goods…and all kinds of products to put together gift baskets full of delicious local products, jars of preserves, pickles, salami, wine, caramels, herbs and spices, beautifully turned wood and home-spun wool items.
The farmers will have a lot of great roots and greens for seasonal soups, root roasts, salads and more! Kiyokawa Family Orchards will have the usual amazing array of winter fruits…apples (including heirloom ones), plus pears and Asian pears. Family Table Farm will have parsnips, red beets, golden beets, red chard, kale, napa cabbage, bok choy, and onions.

Karen, Flying Onion Farm, harvesting Yacons.

Flying Onion (back this week!) will have their wonderful baby spinach salad mix, radicchio, arugula, cilantro, mixed cooking greens, fennel bulbs ,celeriac , carrots, beets, potatoes, delicata squash, butternut squash, yacon – an andean tuber renowned for its sweet, crunchy texture – fantastic raw on salads or appetizer plates, or roasted in the oven! Rick Stefens Farm will have wheelbarrows full of the last red and green peppers, sweet potatoes, beets, cipollinni onions.. real sweet!, shallots, nice and mild for cooking, 4 colors of carrots, winter squash, cabbages, potatoes, and the last of the strawberries and tomatoes….not bad for December in the NW!

This Saturday Sweet Home Farms will have delicious old-fashioned, sugar-cured holiday hams and lots of pasture-raised eggs. (As well as their other meats, pork, beef, goat etc ) Like them on facebook!
Food Forest Farm have your Christmas dinner goose. (Very Dickens!) Pasture-raised and managed 100% naturally with organic feed. Approximately 20 lbs. Available Dec. 17, price $4.99/lb with $20 advanced deposit. They also have pork, including sausages (and eggs) for your breakfast! Chestnuts for roasting and walnuts,
Hansens Family Farm will have their grass fed and finished Beef, naturally raised Pork, fresh Eggs and once again will have their customer FAVORITE (and Phil’s too!) Beef Pepperoni Sticks! Great to add to stockings, or as hostess gifts!

Christensen farm is bringing lots of yummy sweet chestnuts to roast over an open fire, along with their unusual assortment of feathers, fiber, and few winter squash. Missy is coming back to market with more totes she has made from recycled feed sackes for one of her 4-h projects.Stop by they’ll have candy canes for you:)

Gran Mary's Mulling Spices..perfect for the holidays.

Gran Mary’s Herbs will have wonderfully fragrant Mulling Spices (Mulled means heated and flavored..another gift idea:)
Make a sachet: Add 1 tablespoon mulling spices to a muslin bag.
Mulled cider: Simmer 1 bag in 2 quarts apple cider or apple or cranberry juice for 15-20 minutes. Serves 8. Additions may include: lemon or orange zest or slices, whole cardamom, ginger slices.
Mulled wine: Simmer 1 bag in 1 bottle of dry red wine for 30 minutes. Additions may include: zest or slices of lemon or orange, fresh ginger slices, whole cardamom, 1/4 cup of honey (more or less to taste), 1/4 cup brandy. Make sure you use a non-reactive pot.www.facebook.com/granmarysherbgarden

…and talking of wine! King’s Raven has a new offering of Leon Millot, a Pinot Hybrid, priced at $18 per bottle.

To celebrate the holidays, Our Favorite Foods will have 2 NEW items at the Dec Markets -Duker’s Dills Hot Pickled Green Tomatoes and Duker’s Dills Hot Pickles both in a 1 LB jar. These items are in addition to the Duker’s Dills- Hot Pickle Relish and the 2 LB jar of Duker’s Dills – Stop by their booth and have taste…they are delicious. ALL are perfect for holiday gift giving and celebrating with family and friends!

Gram’s Caramels will feature samples of cashew caramels and original flavor, plus jars of caramels at just $1 each! Jars of caramel sauce are ready for that fondue pot:) There will be festive tins of gift caramels as well. Great put together with a bag of Kiyokawa Orchards heirloom apples for a ready to go caramel apple-making kit!

The 12 strong River City Pitch-Pipers will be singing between noon and 1pm, with Jeff Becker and friends playing 10am-2pm…so lots of good sounds this week. Savory et Sweet will once again be cooking up a storm with hot soups and chunks of bread and their to-die-for crepes…savory AND sweet! We are right across from the Caufield House Cafe…if you need a hot cup of coffee and a full breakfast. Busch’s Furniture Store is allowing all our customers to park in their lot at the side of the Market… don’t forget Main St. is now 2-way !! Plenty of parking available downtown OC on Saturdays. Thanks for bringing unperishable foods for the OC HOPE Food Bank’s blue bin at the market’s entrance.
We’ll be set up ready to sell at 10am, on 8th St at Main…open until 2pm.
(Market manager’s phone number 503 734-0192…if you have questions)

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One Response to Taste the Holidays at the Winter Market!

  1. Chris Douglas says:

    Savory et Sweet Crepes will be using the following mkt. products on the menu this Sat.:
    Hansen Family sausage with Rick Steffen kale; Gram’s caramel sauce with Kiyokawa red heirloom apples; Gran Mary’s mulling spices in hot cranberry juice. La Provence sour dough bread for Hot & Sour Soup. LOVE the Winter Mkt! See you then…..

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