Winter Market opens with Art Unveiling~!!

Shop for local foods AND see Oregon City’s fabulous new art sculputure….unveiled at 10am!!Info. below…

Our first winter Market...09!

The same question comes up whenever I mention the Winter Market “but what will you possibly have to sell?”!!…it’s as if all food production stops in the NW at the end of October and is trucked up from CA for the winter!! Nothing could be further from the truth…and it’s a myth we have set out to bust this season!

Find carrots in red and white too!

The OC Winter Market has 8 farms this Winter bringing fresh produce, meats, cheese, eggs! This week from Flying Onion Farms…. lovely baby spinach , salad mix, fennel and more, Family Table Farm will have a good variety of root crops, Food Forest Farm has quince, nuts, apples, garlic (as well as their Kurobuta Pork and Welsh Duck), Rick Stefen Farm has carrots, chard, Brussels Sprouts (nice and sweet as we have had a frost!) plus many more products including peppers and tomatoes ..still! Sweet Home Farms have a good selection of their beautifully and ethically raised meats, pork, beef, goat and lamb…and just in time for the holidays you can order Turkeys from them!! Hansen Family Farms will have their beef, pork, winter squash…apples and quince. Kiyokawa Orchards will have an amazing selection of apples, including heirlooms and pears too. We’ll have plenty of hens and duck eggs, but they will go early so don’t dally.
The Goat Meister is coming to market bringing chervre in many flavors!!! Alsea Acre Farm gets goat questions every week. Everyone loves goats. Alsea Acre goats are exceptionally happy due to the excellent care of David, the Goat Meister.Say hello to him and bring your goat questions.
Other farmers in the market are Daisy Fed, with goat’s milk-based body products and Spindles and Fiber with Judy’s sheep and goat’s wool products…her fingerless gloves are a must-have!

Nothing says Fall like pears!

The good mix of vendors includes Dukers Dills, back with their pickles and new…hot relish! Wild Oregon will have fresh fish, The Hummus stop has many flavors of hummus, pita and chips. Olympic Provisions will have their wonderful salami and sausage, La Provence Bakery, Big Foot Bread and Kasey Creations will have breads, pastries, cakes and pies for you…ask about special holiday orders. Diana’s Delights will have all the usual preservers (great gifts!) plus the seasonal Quince Charming preserve and (new) Jalepeno Jam! Gran Mary’s Herbs will have a terrific selection of dried herbs in 2 ounce containers (thyme, rosemary, basil, sage, tarragon, oregano) Dried cayenne peppers, poultry seasoning, culinary lavender, stevia and mullein and sage tea (great for colds and flu). Bath salts and bath tea for colds and flu (eucalyptus rosemary blend). Dried catnip.Lavender “moth chaser,” and mulling spice sachets.Plus paper whites (both planted and bulbs available), African Blue Basil, Aloe Vera, Holy Basil, Cuban Oregano, Cat Grass, Lemon Grass, Bay Plants..phew!.
…More vendors coming next week and in December too, including honey and honey products, vinegars, ceramics, local fresh-cut Christmas Trees and handmade wreaths.

Have a glass of wine while you shop:)

King’s Raven will have a good selection of local (OC) wines…..some of which will be added by Savory et Sweet to their extra large pot of Chicken Soup tomorrow that uses David’s Pinot Gris wine and market veggies!They’ll have crepes too and hot chocolate with whipped cream…yum! That will keep you warm!

This Saturday at 10am is the unveiling of the Rotary Club’s gift to the citizens of Oregon City, commemorating their 75th anniversary in this town! The large stainless steel sculpture, mounted on the wall of Railroad Ave. at 8th St (market site) has been designed and made by local (and internationally known) artist Lee Kelly. Come and see for yourself…don’t let a little rain put you off!
As a reward…Stone-Bhur Mills are giving away 2lb. bags of their NW flour…just to get you in the mood for holiday baking! (10am-12pm)

The kids POP Club continues, with $2 for every child (5-12)!… plus we still have the OR Trail Card $5 Matching fund …music by Robert Richter, a market fave (10am -1pm)….help us to spread the word about the Winter Market, tell your friends and neighbors!
See you down there:)

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