Hens Eggs, Duck Eggs …and Goose Eggs!

Little Teagen, one of our youngest customers, chewing on an asparagus last week! Boy,those green spears make good teethers!

A few years ago we were lucky to have any eggs at the Market on Saturdays, now we have plenty…..and this week we’ll have 3 kinds!

You can buy hens eggs from Hansens Family Farms, Family To Family Farms, Leone’s Farm and Sweet Home Farms. I’m listing them as I get asked all the time “who has eggs?”

Olga with her birds!

Duck eggs can be found at Gardenripe Farm’s booth and duck eggs and even goose eggs can be bought from Olga Reynolds also. Olga has been coming to the market on and off since the first year we opened (2005). She will be bringing some of her ducks with her too, for the kids to meet!

Why hightlight eggs now? Well they are an easy nutritious meal when made into omlettes with some crumbled up soft chevre , greens and sweet onions.  Frittatas are another easy meal you can make with sliced, just-cooked new potatoes, onions, zucchini, garlic  and anything else you can think of…like a little salami from Olympic Provisions, or some of their Kelbasa sausage! Hansen’s Farm will have their Pepperoni back!….

Fresh berry meringues with shaved chocolate...yum!

plus those egg whites will make some fab. meringues, especially duck egg whites, perfect with all the wonderful berries now in the market and whipped cream for a stunningly easy and eye-catching desert.

The market vendors are starting to take their vacation time so this Saturday Three Brothers Nursery will be gone, as will Natures’ Wild Harvest (mushrooms) and Diana’s Delights (preserves)….but we welcome back Curds On the Way with their cheese, yogurt-making kits and their preserving supplies also back are Blossom Fruit Vinegars! New this week is the Clackamas County’s Green Youth Corp. bringing  lettuce, their first product to harvest from their newly planted “farm” on the County Campus….and taking orders for fire wood , available this fall.

Kids!…. the POP Club continues with a special cooking demo for YOU this Saturday by Dr Jesse Butler at 11am…but bring your parents , they’ll love watching too! Dr Buttler is a Natropathic Doctor who practices in Milwaukie,  he will have a booth at the Market and be available to give all kinds of health advice for your parents:)  Come by the POP Club booth and we’ll give you your wooden tokens to spend on fresh, healthy foods and stamp your Passport  (10 stamps = a market surprise) New kids (5-12) to the program will sign their Passport to Health, recieve their special POP Club shopping bag and button and little drawstring bag with $2 in wooden market tokens…we are able to keep this going thanks to Dr Nimz from McLoughlin Dental Care, Milwaukie! http://www.oregondentist.com

Lively and fun music is by the group Succatash this Saturday (playing from 10-1) You can get Coffee drinks  and fresh fruit smoothies from the Java Talkin’ Travelin’ Trolley Cafe and  great crepes from Savory et Sweet This weeks crepes will be Blusabi Beef, Chicken w/ corn salsa….and crepes with FRESH RASPBERRIES! www.crepenews.tumblr.com Cold drinks and Mexican Food too! 50 vendors will be spreading their wares out for you this Saturday! See ya!

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